Ontario’s Human Capital Priorities Stream Invites More Express Entry Candidates to Apply

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Let us first understand the idea of Human Capital Priorities Stream. This stream which is located in Ontario targets the skilled workers of foreign countries to enter the province with the help of express entry pool to get the necessary education, proficiency in a particular language, work experience and other characteristics which will help the workers to settle down in Ontario or in any other province. This procedure will be much easier if you seek the help of an immigration lawyer Mississauga. They will let the workers know what exactly they have to do to settle down in any province.

Meaning of express entry:

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the system that is used to select the right kind of candidate or a skilled worker to give the immigration for Canada so that they can work and settle down too if they want in any province of Canada. It is totally an electronic procedure which involves the governments of all provinces, the federal government and the employers of Canada. In order to get the best service you must choose whether the candidate deserves the immigration of Canada or not. The candidates can understand the rules and regulations by the help of immigration lawyer Vancouver.

What is Ontario Immigrant Nominee Program (OINP)?

The OINP or Ontario Immigrant Nominee Program is the particular designed program for the immigration which is done economically. It is done to help the provinces especially Ontario meet the needs based on economic development priorities and the labor market. The workers can take the help of immigration lawyer Mississauga regarding the OINP. This program allows the province to nominate individuals for permanent residence to the workers who have got the skills and experience to give the best service to economy of Ontario and can help the Canadian employers in recruitment process and the ways to retain the workers from foreign countries.


Statements made by OINP:

There have been different statements that have been made by the Ontario Immigration Nominee Program. The OINP which is permitted by the Human Capital Priorities Stream to search for the candidate’s express entry pool who have got Comprehensive Ranking System or CRS point at least 400 or above 400. This is the amount of points that a candidate must have to meet the criteria to be eligible to be a part of the immigration program. An immigration lawyer Mississauga can help out the candidates about how to achieve the required points for becoming eligible for the program. The candidates who have the express entry eligibility will get a notification of interest after they have applied for the immigration program. After receiving the notification they can start applying for the Ontario’s provincial nomination. They can get additional points too. The OINP has announced that the new set of invitations for the program has already started.

The candidates can take the help of an immigration lawyer Mississauga who will help them out with the rules and regulations for applying for the OINP or Ontario Immigration Nominee Program. Visit immigration lawyer Toronto for more info. Catch some more Canadian immigration news here

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