Option An alternative to spousal and family violence, is a non-profit community organization. Founded in 1986 by a group of stakeholders including Clément Guèvremont who is still the director and by Jacques Broué who was the first to hold the position of Clinical Manager (deceased in 2011) and who has been replaced by François Lepage since 2006. From the beginning, the board of directors favors the development of a group follow-up service for perpetrators of violence in conjugal or family contexts.

Professionals have developed their expertise with perpetrators of spousal and family violence, through direct interventions: men’s groups, women’s groups, individual, marital and family follow-ups.

The training and supervision of probation officers, housing structure workers and health and social services network stakeholders favored the acquisition of a humanistic and ecosystem approach. The approach proposed to Option addresses the use of violence in terms of the empowerment of violent acts, the cessation of aggressive behavior, the taking into account of the suffering of all those involved, as well as the rehabilitation of violence. self-esteem of people.


Clément Guèvremont: Director; Marriage and Family Therapist, OTSTCFQ

François Lepage: Clinical Manager; Social worker, OTSTCFQ

Patricia Connelly: Social Worker, OTSTCFQ

Luc Pariseau: Criminologist

André Pronovost: Psychologist, OPPQ

Lucie Saint-Pierre: Social Worker-Marriage and Family Therapist, OTSTCFQ

Denise Tassé: Social Worker, OTSTCFQ

With the participation of the Center jeunesse de Montréal, service lenders:

Danièle Guérin: Social Worker, OTSTCFQ

Annie Simard: Bachelor of Social Work